Health Outcomes Research Experience

The team at ACT have applied their extensive knowledge of pharmacoeconomics, predictive modeling, online clinical trial design and execution, user-friendly software design and clinical practice to develop numerous health outcomes and disease management models.

CHARIOT, a 60-site study in asthma patients, has been published in Current Medical Research and Opinion in December 2008.

The CHARIOT (Characterization of Allergic Asthma: A Chart Review In Moderate-to-Severe Disease to Assess Asthma Control, Patient Outcomes and Treatment) Study aimed to examine the natural history and highlight the complex nature of treating asthmatic patients, primarily those with severe or difficult-to-treat asthma,as well as to examine the practice patterns that are likely to result in controlled or uncontrolled asthma in specialty community practices.

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Examples of Survey / IVR/Database Type Projects

  • Cellcept adverse events survey
  • Miacalcin NS adverse events survey
  • ALERTS and Health-e-Pal™


Examples of Traditional and Interactive Cost-Effectiveness Analyses


Examples of Patient Characterization/Natural History/Cost of Illness Studies

  • Medical Resource Use and Costs of Alzheimer's Disease using Medicaid Nursing Home


Quality of Life Studies


Database Management/Analysis

  • Medi-CAL 
  • CMS