Arnold Consultancy & Technology LLC currently has two divisions - Evidence-Based Health (EBH) and Computational Biology.  The EBH division provides online clinical trial development, analysis and site selection.  Our area of expertise is outcomes research in all therapeutic categories and we develop interactive models and software related to cost-effectiveness analysis, pricing, and adverse event reporting/pharmacovigilance.  We have divisions in the UK, Brazil and China to enhance the global reach of our business capabilities.  The company's value proposition is that we provide an efficient, online methodology to collect data, both prospectively and via chart review.  Our online analytics enable sponsors to view aggregate trends as patients are enrolled.  We further support our clients through the development of the aforementioned interactive models and software programs.

Our Computational Biology division affords expertise in in-silico methods applied to pharmacology hypothesis development and testing.

What makes us unique?

We stand apart from other health outcomes companies. Our combination of talent, integration, experience and creativity is unsurpassed.

Other groups do not typically have integrated healthcare and information technology expertise - they have one, or the other.  In contrast, ACT combines high-tech/online methodologies with healthcare savvy to provide multifunctional expertise, whether it is online retrospective studies, development of user-friendly software from sophisticated analyses to aid in sales/formulary presentations or computational technologies to help in defining the likely toxicity of a compound earlier in the drug development process.

Our knowledge of the healthcare marketplace, coupled with our novel computational approaches, assist R&D decision-making in the most cost-effective way possible.  
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